Manufacturing & Testing Method



TM (Total Moisture)

Percentage of moisture in Activated Carbon, also referred as Weight Loss in Dryness. To yield TM, weigh Activated Carbon after 3 hour dehydration at the temperature of 115±5℃ first, and then subtract the weight of dehydrated Activated Carbon from the original sample weight.

VM (volatile Matter)

Percentage of volatile substance in dry Activated Carbon, also referred as Volatile Substance Content. It is yielded by measuring the volatilized amount for 7 hour exposure of sample at the temperature of 925±5℃.


Percentage of remains after perfect combustion of dry sample, also referred as Combustion Remains To test it, weigh the remains after 1 hour combustion at the temperature of 800℃.

BD (Bulk Density)

The amount of Activated Carbons charged in unit volume (g/㎖)


Ball Pan Hardness which indicates physical strength of granular Activated Carbons. To test it, first place even size Activated Carbon 100cc and steel balls of 1/2 and 3/8 inches in diameter, respectively 15 balls, over a copper pan; boil them in a rotation tap for 30 minutes; and then let the treated sample pass through a sieve with its size of two-level below the minimum size of the Activated Carbon; finally calculate the percentage of the sample amount which remains on the sieve.

Iodine No

Absorbed Iodine amount per unit Activated Carbon (mg/g). To measure it, first mix 0.5g of Activated Carbon powder and 50ml of 0.1N Iodine solution in a triangulate flask and boil the solution for 15 minutes; then transfer the sample into a 50ml deposit tube to separate solid matter from the solution with a centrifugal separator; and titrate the separated solution with 0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate; finally calculated the adsorbed Iodine with titration result.


Decolorization potential per unit Activated Carbon (ml/g) in decolorization test of Methylene Blue (blue ink).

Benzene No

Percentage of vaporized Benzene absorbed per gram of Activated Carbon. To test it, fill a U-shape tube with 5-10g of Activated Carbon and expose the sample to Benzene vapor to let the sample absorb it, finally calculate the percentage of the absorbed vapor amount.

Phenol No

Amount of Activated Carbon (ppm) required for converting 100ppb (0.1ppm) phenol solution into 10ppb solution by removing 90% of phenol.


Amount of Activated Carbon required for making initial 5.0ppm sample ABS solution into 0.5ppm solution by adding the Activated Carbon into the sample solution and leaving it for one hour. (ABS : Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate Anion Surface Active Agent, a component of detergent)


Size of Granular Activated Carbon, in mesh or mm unit.


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